Keep On Keeping On

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Hey everyone, it’s Andrea

So we just found out the nominations last night. Unfortunately, Senior Assassins did not get any of the big three (editing, directing, or best picture.) This was a huge bummer to me, but our own Becky Chariton got nominations for Art Direction and Best Supporting Actor so we are pulling for her.

I was devastated last night, but there were really so many good movies this year. I was so impressed with everyone’s hard work and this year was unbelievable. As disappointing as it is, the film class and our crew knows that we put our hearts into this movie and that will have to be enough.

This year was such a learning process. Just several hours ago, Batchy herself told me that she thinks I was the most improved out of any of the film students from last year to this year. That is something that means a lot to me, because I have come leaps and bounds this year and that’s special.

I will never forget how I felt the moment I saw our movie. I was very proud, and I know the crew was too. An entire year of work going into a 25 minute block and then, all of a sudden, it’s done.

Becky and Darci, I love you guys. We were together from the beginning until the end and I will never forget this year. Thank you for being amazing actresses and art directors and just sharing the love of watermelon. Watermelon for life.

Mr. Alan, you changed my life so much with film and I will never fully be able to explain this positive change that occurred. Thank you.

Now all we can do is wait to see who is going to win. The movies were unreal, and the students who worked on them were even better. No matter what happens, the 11th year of film festival is definitely one to remember.

Even though I have to leave my career in film with a bitter taste, I am proud of what happened this year and I can’t forget how much work went into this movie. I hope you all enjoyed the movie as much as we did.

This is the end of my film fest career, and I won’t lie–I am holding back a few tears right now (as if I haven’t cried enough in the past few days because of film festival). But I am leaving behind an amazing high school memory that I will never forget.

Thanks to everyone (:

“Make movies or eat watermelon…or both”-Mr. Alan

For the last time,


-Andrea Lee


What are you doing at 1:00 on May 12th?

The answer: coming to see Senior Assassins.

As you all hopefully know, the showing dates have been decided. On May 11th, at 1:00, Senior Assassins will be playing. I do suggest that you see all of the movies though because, from what I have seen, they all look phenomenal.

On Sunday, the 12th, at 1:00, Miss Superlative, Senior Assassins, The Treasurer, and the Hall Monitor will be playing. There is another showing on Sunday at 7, and the last one is on Tuesday, the 14th, at 7. The Red Carpet is on Thursday, the 16th, and the film crews will arrive on the red carpet at 5 and the show will start at 6, so be there!

And you thought we were all done….far from it!

TST’s (top secret trailers) are being made, as well as trailers and blooper reels. The wrap party is at my house this weekend so all of the film kids better make a dessert with their fruit and be there! It will be a good time.

Just a quick update from your favorite spring/ summertime fruit..and every other season of the year probably.


Love, Andrea


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Hello everyone

It’s director Andrea, here for the last time. As I type, Mr. Alan is to the left of me exporting Senior Assassins. It’s pretty unbelievable, after months and months of hard work it just finally comes to a close.

This week was chaos, being here so late and we shot our fight scene (the biggest scene of our movie). And we added a ton of music (thanks to Connor Godfrey, Caleb Cofsky, Chris Nee, Mike Rando, Mikey Van der Linden, Maria Earabino, Ali Ajemian, and Jimmy Martin for making some amazing music and to Tim Gallivan and Pat Maloney for some old tunes that we dug up.) The fight scene was amazing.

Seriously though, this movie was such a blessing. I love it so much, I can’t even explain how proud I am of Brendan, Bobby, Darci, and Becky as actors and of my crew in general for everything.

What a year it has been. I expected to be a lot more emotional at this point, but today was just so stressful as far as getting this movie done that I am emotionally drained. (-: Just wait until the actual festival though. It’s really soon, and I hope you can all make it to see this movie. I am so happy that we are finally done, but I’m kind of sad. This entire week I have been here until 9 and now I actually have to go home and have a life? Not okay.

Well, I don’t really have much to say. I am so excited for this movie. It is my child. Also, our t-shirts are pink with green writing. Pretty neat. See you at the theater, everyone. That is a wrap.



sorry for the heinous writing….I wrote it backwards

“I love watermelon…the fruit, and the crew”-everyone.


HERRO FROM PLANET WATERMELON it’s me yo main art director Becky “Awesome” Chariton reporting for duty. Recently things have been rolling real smoothly for our crew. We’ve gotten an obscene amount of filming done, and a lot more scheduled for the rest of the week. The assassinations have been hysterical and we’re working on a few more.

I can’t believe this year is slowly coming to an end its so crazy! Time has gone by so fast and I’m not ready to say goodbye to my awesome lil crew 😦 Have no fear though we’ve still got a little over a month to be together! YAY






ahhhh soooo crazy SO MUCH TO DO AND SO LITTLE TIME! Luckily my crew is always ready to get down to work and do what they need to do! and that’s basically why I love them!



Okay guys see ya later!!

“I thin we all need a watermelon”- Kid President

“Watermelon? OMG I LOVE WATERMELON”- Frankie

“WATERMELON”- WHS cheerleaders

“I’m gonna pop some seeds only got 20 watermelons in my pocket” -Macklemore

Look at this

Look at this!



Hello everyone! Here I am, for the second blog of this year, Andrea.

Everything on watermelon is seriously going great. The fact that we filmed seven scenes in an hour and a half on Saturday was just insane, and now I am so content. Bobby Rose is a STAR and that’s really all I have to say about that. His character is amazing. Okay well I am really happy with how everything is going so far and we have a month, more or less, to finish this. Crazy.


Senior Assassins (the movie): stressful, crazy, intense, wet

Watermelon: juicy, beautiful, loved by all, pink, green, yummy, delicious

Our shirts: light pink shirt, green writing, unreal, buy one

Actors/actresses: good looking

Art direction: assassin posters and costumes look super

Editing: compared to the amount of editing I did last year, which was little to none, it is looking pretty good if I do say so myself

Weather: awful, snowy, BUT hopefully sunny and/ or rainy in the near future

Oh hey here’s a fun little quiz game type thing


1. This character in our movie is only an extra, but gets assassinated on Walpole High’s own track while running in his or her uniform

2. This character falls on a pile of exercise balls

3. This character chugs chocolate milk

4. This character is also an extra, but gets their bike stolen along with getting out of senior assassins

5. This character wears a dress….this is a big deal

6. This director sucks at blogs

7. This character angrily eats macaroni and cheese in a scene

8. This extra in our movie looks like a chipmunk as a result of just having gotten his or her wisdom teeth out

9. This character gets pushed around a lot by a scary, older senior

10. This extra is assassinated because of false trust in his mother, and the pizza system


The options:

a. Brendan Chaisson (Tyler)

b. Chris Nash

c. Alex Marcinkowski

d. Darci Bruce (Ashley)

e. Andrea Lee

f. Bobby Rose (Gunther)

g. Ross Bubly

h. Becky Chariton (Lenore)

i. Justin Connolly

j. Frank Deblasio


Have fun everyone!

“Watermelon is the word”-Grease

“I bet you kissed watermelon on the mouth”-Batchy

“If I could bring watermelon to prom, I would”-Baby Tracey

“……If I were older and had the power to ask someone to prom, that is. But don’t worry, I am actually going to prom. Watermelon.” -Baby T again

PLW bye






¡Yola! It’s me Becky on planet watermelon just hanging out ya know.

So we got some pretty big news! Darci found out the due date for her baby!!!! Just kidding we were assigned a due date for our movie (LOL I’m a jokester). Luckily Mr. Alan was feeling kind today and gave us one of the later due dates seeing that we have to wait for the rest of the snow to melt to finish our movie. Although most of the snow is gone there’s still a noticeable amount left. Basically we’re all praying for some nice weather.

Speaking of nice weather….it’s almost watermelon season! How exciting! Watermelons are so yummy and delcious I cannot wait to devour hundreds of watermelon this summer! YUM YUM YUM 😉 Frankie, who is sitting next to me right now, just told me she thinks it smells like watermelons so I guess that means our awesomeness is spreading….if you can smell it you know it’s cool. Even the white house has really taken a favor to watermelons recently as you can see in the pictures we’ve posted



pretty cool huh? Alright ttfn (tata for now) ewma (eat watermelon always)

“watermelon fuh dayz”- Dassandra Bruce

“to watermelon and beyond”- Buzz Lightyear

“Hit me with a watermelon one more time” -Britney Spears

“You can’t sit with us! Unless you have watermelon” -Mean Girls

“And I was like watermelon, watermelon, watermelon oh”- Justin Bieber

“yummy”- a child


Watermelon was first harvested in Egypt 5,000 years ago.
There are 1,200 varieties of watermelon grown in 96 countries.
By weight, watermelon is the most consumed melon in the United States.
Early explorers used watermelons as canteens.
In 1796, the first cookbook was published in the United States. It included a recipe for Watermelon Rind Pickles.

The world record for the largest watermelon was 268.8 pounds awarded to Lloyd Bright of Hope, Arkansas.

Watermelon was named the Official State Vegetable of Oklahoma in 2007, causing some controversy because it’s really a fruit.

The record for watermelon seed spitting is 66 feet, 11 inches. (set by Jack Dietz, Chicago 1989)

A Densuke watermelon from Japan once sold for $6,000.

Mark Twain claimed that watermelon must be the food of the angels.

Watermelon is used as part of the Vietnamese New Year’s holiday. It’s considered lucky and the seeds are eaten as a holiday snack.


“All you need is watermelon. Watermelon is all you need” – The Beatles

“This watermelon is on fire” – Alicia Keys

“If I had to choose between watermelons and coffee, I’m pretty sure I would choose watermelons” – Mr. Alan


Back on the Road

Hey guys it’s me becky!

Right now watermelon is in a really good place. We have finished filming the majority of our indoor scenes, and although we were stuck in a bit of a rut because of the snow we’re about to get back on track. Next week we have so much scheduled and it should be really fun. We’ll have some guest appearances by the one and only Chris Nash, the marvelous Alex Marcinkowski, and even some pretty cool alumni. Soon enough we’ll be back on the road to success 😉

Our director Andrea has done a great job of making sure we get all of our shots. Yesterday we filmed our final classroom scene in Ms. Loflin’s room and everything looked perfect! Our actors (Dassandra and myself) really got in character for this scene, making everyone laugh with almost every line and action. We had some awesome extras too! Which brings up my next point. Watermelon crew would like to take the time to thank everyone who has been an extra in our movie so far! A lot of our scenes look amazing because we’ve had such outstanding extras! So thanks for your hard work you’re all supah starzzz!!!

Next week we’ll be filming a pretty big hallway scene where we’d like quite a few extras, so if you have any free time next Thursday stop by the film room after school and let us make you FAMOUS. Also, you should all come see the Seussical I know it has nothing to do with film, but I’m in it and many of the actors from film are too, which means it’ll be SO GOOD.


Thanks for stopping by hope I filled you in on everything you wanted to know 😉


“Watermelon is literally unreal”- Frankie Nardelli

“I think I could eat 6 whole watermelons in one sitting”- Mike Habib

“Watermelon lights up my world like nobody else” -One Direction


Hey guys!! It’s Angela Driscoll!!! It is finally Friday and it has felt like the longest week ever. Right now the Watermelon crew is just kinda hanging out in the film room and I’m starving! I could really go for some watermelon right now…or panera…

So far, we have filmed most of the indoor scenes and we are starting to schedule more scenes that we need to do. We had to change the location of some of our scenes to inside because we need to keep filming. The good thing is that the weather is finally getting warm-ish and the snow is melting which means that WE CAN START FILMING OUTSIDE SOON!! Once we find places with no snow, we will be filming as much as possible. It’ll also be easier for us to film because Becky is almost done with drama club and Darci is done with basketball, so scheduling is much easier! We are scheduling the date scene between Darci and Brendan right now, and it is literally one of my favorite scenes. We’ve also been getting some editing done too and its all looking really great and I’m just so excited! 

“I love film…and watermelon!” -Angela Driscoll

“Bring on the juicyness” -Darci

“Cheer on watermelon!” -Becky and Darci’s alter egos as cheerleaders


Hey guys, I just wanna say that today stinks because it’s the Monday after vacation and I’m already so bored. Anyways, we’re pretty mad about all of the snow we’re getting because we can’t really film much. The good thing though is that the longer we wait to film the outside scenes, the warmer it will be. Cause I’m just not feeling that I have to wear spring/summer clothes in the winter time. I feel bad for Andrea because I think she’s starting to stress a little bit, but hey the watermelon crew will take care of her of course. We really missed her during vacation since she was in Florida. She’s like the mom of the crew, so it gets hard without her. You should go to the girls basketball game on Wednesday at Bishop Feehan at 5:00. Now that it’s after February vacation, it’s go time and we’re about to go ham, so you might wanna watch out for us. Becky isn’t here today though so we’re gunna wait til tomorrow. If you were wondering, Angela’s nickname is Angie because the word water is in watermelon. I’m wearing a white lulu lemon headband. We’re gunna have a crew meeting now so I’ll talk to you coolcats later. Adios amigos.Image