Eat em, don’t smash em

Sup World? It’s us ready for action. The big WM is in the house, that’s right baby watermelon is here and we cannot wait to get started on our movie. Our crew for Senior Assassins is unreal we got our head honcho, the woMAN in charge, Andrea Lee. We got the best art directors in town (all day every day they be going HARD on that art directing) Darci Bruce and Becky Chariton (who also play the roles of Ashley and Lenore). We have an unreal assistant director Rick Sgalia who’s ready to get some work done. Our actors……don’t even get me started Bobby Rose as Gunther, Brendan Chaisson as Tyler, and Meg Driscoll as Gwen are literally so hot, and their talent is out of this world. We’re already on the road to success with a great start in pre production. Follow us on twitter @watermelonbro feel free to hit us up whenever.

Watermelon; you can eat us cubed, sliced, or just with a spoon, but remember if you swallow a seed a watermelon will grow in your stomach-Becky Chariton and Darci Bruce

Watermelon; we’re large and in charge- Rick Sgalia

Watermelon; juicy- Andrea Lee

Watermelon; eat em don’t smash em- Bobby Rose

Watermelon; great in the summertime- Meg Driscoll

Sadly Brendan was not here to comment, but don’t worry we’ll get him next time.

All I know is watermelon is ready for world take over. WM baby. That’s what’s up.


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