Photo on 12-4-12 at 2.29 PM


Good Morning Walpole High this is Becky Chariton with an update on the watermelon crew!

Chugga chugga choo chooo!!! Watermelon is moving along like a speedy little train!! chooo chooo! Everything really is rolling smoothly. Yesterday we had Brendan Chaisson with us to complete his senior assassins wardrobe, and let me tell you he was looking FINE.  We are so excited for second term when Brendan will officially be apart of film class, and the watermelon crew will be united! Well that’s all for me Walpole High, Have a Great Day.

“Watermelons are really good” -Chris Nash

“I’ll bring the watermelon into school” -Ricky (Sqags)

“I know watermelons are mostly water, so I think i could survive with just eating watermelon” -Darsee Broose


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