Whitney, you’ll always be in our hearts

Hello fruit followers, it is I the infamous Becky Chariton reporting for duty! Today Watermelon crew would like to bring up Whitney Houston. We would just like to make it known that Whitney Houston has been our idol from the start; she has truly inspired us with her outstanding voice and personality. We love Whitney Houston, always and forever.

Okay now to get down to business Watermelon crew is really on top of things right now. For the past week we’ve been busy storyboarding and finishing up our wardrobe, and it’s been going really well. Also, we’ve been working really hard on shot listing our big fight scene with Lenore (Becky) and Ashley (Darci). We’re really looking forward to this scene because Darci and I are such good friends, and our chemistry will really help the fight scene run smoothly. Also MAJOR NEWS we’ve been informed that we have a new crew member! Connor Godfrey will be working along side Bobby Rose on the score for our movie! AND ANDREA AND I BOTH GOT A FIVE POINT MUSIC TRIV THE OTHER DAY (Andrea guessed Shania Twain, and I guessed Ella Fitzgerald) we’re doing unreal right now literally UNREAL! So that’s all for now!! We’ll be back with another update sometime next week, but for now have a great week and keep wobbling like watermelon!


“Watermelon has always been my favorite fruit”- Whitney Houston

“Watermelon; best fruit ever” -Jungbin Lim

“Watermelon is yummy in my tummy!”- Baby (baby’s first quote)

“Watermelon; water”- Chris Whitmore

“I love gimping in watermelon colors”- Becky

“I love watermelon, watermelon’s my favorite”- Buddy The Elf

“Watermelon’s are good what do you want me to do?”- Meg Driscoll

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