Happy Holidays Puppies!!

Darci Bruce here reppin THE watermelon crew. Well, we pretty much are almost done with our movie now. We finished filming yesterday and we are finishing up on our editing, just cleaning up some scenes. Since we are almost done with our first one, we will begin on our second movie out of eight. Luckily for you viewers, me and Becky will be playing every role in each of the movies.

JUST KIDDING! There’s a little holiday joke for all you jolly little elves! Anyways, we have been storyboarding recently and Andrea is in heaven, she loves storyboarding. By the time we’re back from vacation were should be filming, which is so exciting and I think I can speak for the whole group when I say we are getting pumped. Batchy loves watermelons. You should all also know that our crew is the best at music trivs, but we let others get the answers because we feel bad. We’re trying to maintain in the middle for standings just to be fair…you know, some film kids are really sensitive about stuff like that. I guess that’s all I really have to say so I’ll leave all of you alone now. I hope you all have a wonderful vacation and I hope you all spread holiday cheer with giving a big hug to the people you love. Peace and blessings.

“My favorite fruit to harvest is watermelon!” -Sydney King

“I wish it would just rain watermelons, it’s not fair” -The Weather Girls

“I squish watermelons” -LenoreImage

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