Photo on 1-4-13 at 12.26 PM

Yola boys and girls,

It is I, Rebecca Rae Watermelon Chariton, coming to you live from the film studio. Here on planet watermelon things are going great! We have officially started filming and our actors (Brendan, Bobby, Darci, and I) are really whipping out some great stuff. Especially Bobby Rose who is definitely the best at falling out of his chair. We have run into a slight problem, there is snow on the ground and the majority of our movie is filmed outside, but like hey no big deal. All we need is a few shovels and we’ll be fine! If necessary we’ll just shovel off the entire football field, I mean whatever (We’re actually all super strong)…. Although we have run into a few bumps in the road, everything is moving along quite smoothly right now and progress IS being made.

Fun Fact of the day: My half birthday is January 14th feel free to bring me cupcakes.

“I love watermelon, and although I cannot see it I can tell it is beautiful”- Helen Keller

“I had a dream I ate a lot of watermelon” -MLK

“I’d die for a watermelon”- Brendan Chaisson

That’s all for now blans (blog fans) see ya sometime soon


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