The Seeds of Watermelon


watermelon fun

hey watermelon followers, it is I, for the FIRST TIME, director Andrea

a lot has been happening in the past few weeks, so much that we have been too busy to blog as much as we would want to! Becky and Darci are not here so bear (thanks Evan) with me as I try to be slightly funny but mostly awkward.

So our movie has the most scenes out of all of the movies at 46, a fact that never fails to shock the other film crews. It also does not help that half of our movie is outside….we can put that off for now, but soon my actors are going to be out in the cold in shorts and t-shirts/tank tops absolutely loathing me.

While they are not here I am going to go through every member of my crew and talk about how amazing they are. I am really impressed.

Becky- Becky is such an asset to this crew. I turn to her for more than just art direction but for her opinion on shots and line delivery. And we couldn’t have picked a better Lenore from anyone at Walpole High. Becky has the audacity that is NEEDED for this character. I only wish that she had more camera time.

Darci-Could not have been happier that Darci took on this role as the female lead in this movie. One of the best things is seeing her walk out of the film room in sweats and come back in shorts and a tank top, and if you know Darci, you understand why we LOVE this. She is really shaping up to be a great actress, and she’s been on my crew for two years (shoutout to Cherry)

Brendan-Brendan is a STAR. I am not just saying that because he is my actor, he completely shocked me with his abilities without a lot of prompting on my part. He definitely has what it takes to be at the top this year. And as a junior and his first year acting in the film festival, he has adapted very well.

Bobby-Bobby has probably the funniest part in this movie and I love it. The first shoot I ever had with him, he had to fall out of his seat, and it took a few shots because I was laughing so hard. Once again, I wish he had more camera time, but what he has had has been hilarious. And his funniest scenes have not even been shot yet, so I am so excited.

Rick-Rick has been a huge asset to this crew as well. As all assistant directors know, the role is not the most fun one and there is a lot of mundane activity involved. But he really took this role and is doing a lot to help out the crew. Most faithful assistant director by far.

That’s really all you need to know. I really love my actors. Being a director is not easy and has a lot of pressure but having great actors who can make you laugh makes it a lot easier.

I’m sure you all are dying to know some things about our movie, if you have not read the script…

Bobby falling out of his chair, Becky putting gum in someone’s hair, and squirting nerdy freshmen have been some highlights that we had already done.

Oh and just to make you all jealous, I am going to Florida before/during Feb vacation ;P

“They’re juicy”-Jackie Gately

“Watermelons make me smile”-Baby

“OooooOOOOOooooooh”-Mike McKeon

“One time I ate an entire watermelon and it was the best day of my life”-Maya Angelou

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