Hey guys, I just wanna say that today stinks because it’s the Monday after vacation and I’m already so bored. Anyways, we’re pretty mad about all of the snow we’re getting because we can’t really film much. The good thing though is that the longer we wait to film the outside scenes, the warmer it will be. Cause I’m just not feeling that I have to wear spring/summer clothes in the winter time. I feel bad for Andrea because I think she’s starting to stress a little bit, but hey the watermelon crew will take care of her of course. We really missed her during vacation since she was in Florida. She’s like the mom of the crew, so it gets hard without her. You should go to the girls basketball game on Wednesday at Bishop Feehan at 5:00. Now that it’s after February vacation, it’s go time and we’re about to go ham, so you might wanna watch out for us. Becky isn’t here today though so we’re gunna wait til tomorrow. If you were wondering, Angela’s nickname is Angie because the word water is in watermelon. I’m wearing a white lulu lemon headband. We’re gunna have a crew meeting now so I’ll talk to you coolcats later. Adios amigos.Image

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