Hey guys!! It’s Angela Driscoll!!! It is finally Friday and it has felt like the longest week ever. Right now the Watermelon crew is just kinda hanging out in the film room and I’m starving! I could really go for some watermelon right now…or panera…

So far, we have filmed most of the indoor scenes and we are starting to schedule more scenes that we need to do. We had to change the location of some of our scenes to inside because we need to keep filming. The good thing is that the weather is finally getting warm-ish and the snow is melting which means that WE CAN START FILMING OUTSIDE SOON!! Once we find places with no snow, we will be filming as much as possible. It’ll also be easier for us to film because Becky is almost done with drama club and Darci is done with basketball, so scheduling is much easier! We are scheduling the date scene between Darci and Brendan right now, and it is literally one of my favorite scenes. We’ve also been getting some editing done too and its all looking really great and I’m just so excited! 

“I love film…and watermelon!” -Angela Driscoll

“Bring on the juicyness” -Darci

“Cheer on watermelon!” -Becky and Darci’s alter egos as cheerleaders

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