Back on the Road

Hey guys it’s me becky!

Right now watermelon is in a really good place. We have finished filming the majority of our indoor scenes, and although we were stuck in a bit of a rut because of the snow we’re about to get back on track. Next week we have so much scheduled and it should be really fun. We’ll have some guest appearances by the one and only Chris Nash, the marvelous Alex Marcinkowski, and even some pretty cool alumni. Soon enough we’ll be back on the road to success 😉

Our director Andrea has done a great job of making sure we get all of our shots. Yesterday we filmed our final classroom scene in Ms. Loflin’s room and everything looked perfect! Our actors (Dassandra and myself) really got in character for this scene, making everyone laugh with almost every line and action. We had some awesome extras too! Which brings up my next point. Watermelon crew would like to take the time to thank everyone who has been an extra in our movie so far! A lot of our scenes look amazing because we’ve had such outstanding extras! So thanks for your hard work you’re all supah starzzz!!!

Next week we’ll be filming a pretty big hallway scene where we’d like quite a few extras, so if you have any free time next Thursday stop by the film room after school and let us make you FAMOUS. Also, you should all come see the Seussical I know it has nothing to do with film, but I’m in it and many of the actors from film are too, which means it’ll be SO GOOD.


Thanks for stopping by hope I filled you in on everything you wanted to know 😉


“Watermelon is literally unreal”- Frankie Nardelli

“I think I could eat 6 whole watermelons in one sitting”- Mike Habib

“Watermelon lights up my world like nobody else” -One Direction

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