¡Yola! It’s me Becky on planet watermelon just hanging out ya know.

So we got some pretty big news! Darci found out the due date for her baby!!!! Just kidding we were assigned a due date for our movie (LOL I’m a jokester). Luckily Mr. Alan was feeling kind today and gave us one of the later due dates seeing that we have to wait for the rest of the snow to melt to finish our movie. Although most of the snow is gone there’s still a noticeable amount left. Basically we’re all praying for some nice weather.

Speaking of nice weather….it’s almost watermelon season! How exciting! Watermelons are so yummy and delcious I cannot wait to devour hundreds of watermelon this summer! YUM YUM YUM 😉 Frankie, who is sitting next to me right now, just told me she thinks it smells like watermelons so I guess that means our awesomeness is spreading….if you can smell it you know it’s cool. Even the white house has really taken a favor to watermelons recently as you can see in the pictures we’ve posted



pretty cool huh? Alright ttfn (tata for now) ewma (eat watermelon always)

“watermelon fuh dayz”- Dassandra Bruce

“to watermelon and beyond”- Buzz Lightyear

“Hit me with a watermelon one more time” -Britney Spears

“You can’t sit with us! Unless you have watermelon” -Mean Girls

“And I was like watermelon, watermelon, watermelon oh”- Justin Bieber

“yummy”- a child

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