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Look at this!



Hello everyone! Here I am, for the second blog of this year, Andrea.

Everything on watermelon is seriously going great. The fact that we filmed seven scenes in an hour and a half on Saturday was just insane, and now I am so content. Bobby Rose is a STAR and that’s really all I have to say about that. His character is amazing. Okay well I am really happy with how everything is going so far and we have a month, more or less, to finish this. Crazy.


Senior Assassins (the movie): stressful, crazy, intense, wet

Watermelon: juicy, beautiful, loved by all, pink, green, yummy, delicious

Our shirts: light pink shirt, green writing, unreal, buy one

Actors/actresses: good looking

Art direction: assassin posters and costumes look super

Editing: compared to the amount of editing I did last year, which was little to none, it is looking pretty good if I do say so myself

Weather: awful, snowy, BUT hopefully sunny and/ or rainy in the near future

Oh hey here’s a fun little quiz game type thing


1. This character in our movie is only an extra, but gets assassinated on Walpole High’s own track while running in his or her uniform

2. This character falls on a pile of exercise balls

3. This character chugs chocolate milk

4. This character is also an extra, but gets their bike stolen along with getting out of senior assassins

5. This character wears a dress….this is a big deal

6. This director sucks at blogs

7. This character angrily eats macaroni and cheese in a scene

8. This extra in our movie looks like a chipmunk as a result of just having gotten his or her wisdom teeth out

9. This character gets pushed around a lot by a scary, older senior

10. This extra is assassinated because of false trust in his mother, and the pizza system


The options:

a. Brendan Chaisson (Tyler)

b. Chris Nash

c. Alex Marcinkowski

d. Darci Bruce (Ashley)

e. Andrea Lee

f. Bobby Rose (Gunther)

g. Ross Bubly

h. Becky Chariton (Lenore)

i. Justin Connolly

j. Frank Deblasio


Have fun everyone!

“Watermelon is the word”-Grease

“I bet you kissed watermelon on the mouth”-Batchy

“If I could bring watermelon to prom, I would”-Baby Tracey

“……If I were older and had the power to ask someone to prom, that is. But don’t worry, I am actually going to prom. Watermelon.” -Baby T again

PLW bye





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